4 Things Every Employee Wants to See in the Break Room

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Often, business owners and managers try to get by with the bare minimum in their break rooms because they feel the emphasis at the workplace should be on work and not leisure. While it is true that you want to minimize distractions and encourage productivity as much as possible, you also want to show your employees that you care about them.

A break room that can help your employees destress and catch their breath in the middle of a busy day can be just what you need to improve employee satisfaction. You don't need to go overboard with what you stock in your break room, but there are four things that your employees will love having available during their breaks.  

Lunch Tables and Comfy Furniture

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Your break room can be enjoyable for everyone if you have comfortable furniture and tables for your workers to sit around. Round tables along with comfortable chairs and even couches can make for an intimate setting and encourage healthy interaction. However, be sure to stay within your business’ budget when you buy these items.

Game Tables

If you have a little more money to spend, having a ping-pong table or even a pool table can be a great thing for your break room. Games like these can be played in fairly short periods and usually won't be too much of a distraction. They may also be fun to use during an employee-appreciation event or birthday party.

Coffee and Snacks

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Sometimes, employees are in such a hurry to get to work they don't have time to make or buy coffee. Free coffee can be a special treat for them that won’t cost you much money. You might even include a few free baked goods such as cinnamon rolls and donuts to help keep your employees fueled up for the day. If you do offer snacks, don’t forget the healthy food items as well.

Television Sets

Depending on the type of workplace you manage, a TV may be an excellent item to include in your break room. Many people enjoy keeping up with the news throughout the day or simply zoning out for a few minutes in front of their favorite program. Keep in mind, however, that of all the items in your break room, a TV could be one of the most distracting.

The main idea with your break room is to make sure that it also keeps in line with the culture you've established. While you don't want to turn it into a playground, having a friendly space that you've put a little work into can mean a lot to employees. Give your break room a little love and your employees may be even happier to come to work every day.

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