4 Tips For Changing Occasional Customers Into Lifelong Ones

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Once you have acquired a loyal customer, there is a good chance that he or she will be a customer for life. However, when your customer only enters your store occasionally, this is because he or she has not been given a strong brand experience that would place your store in the front of his or her mind. Turn an occasional customer into a lifelong one with these four tips.

Make Every Experience Great Even On Social Media

Put effort into crafting your customer's experience even on social media. Customers evaluate every experience that they have with your company and make judgment calls based on these experiences. If customers enjoy interacting with your company through social media, they are more likely to want to come back. Employees must always be friendly, and company social media managers have used humor in the past to draw customers to their social media pages.

Create a Strong Brand Experience Through a Human Touch

While technology is important when reaching out to your customers, technology can also be more impersonal. Customers want to hear a human voice and interact with your staff directly. Encourage your employees to get to know your customers. Something as simple as remembering a customer's name or knowing his or her favorite product can help. One way to make this easier is to designate an individual employee or team to focus on one customer.

Don't Be Predictable

When you operate within a particular industry, you might find it tempting to offer the same services and have the same setup as everyone else. One way to mix this up is to look for services you can offer that other businesses might not consider. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may place hooks under the table for your customers to keep their belongings. If you run a gym, you may offer a haircut as well.

Inspire Your Customers

Look for ways to showcase your customer's success story. Offer your customers a discount if they are willing to provide you with a testimonial or provide you with a story of how they have benefited from your products and services. This is especially effective when you connect your business to a charitable effort. Customers what to feel good about the fact that they are doing business with your company. By focusing on each of these four tips, you will find more occasional customers becoming repeat customers.

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