6 Website Secrets to Keep Customers on Your Page

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When your business has a website, as it should in this age, one of your primary goals is likely to get potential customers to check out the pages. However, in addition to attracting visitors to the site in the first place, you also want to get them to stay. Achieving this goal requires some knowledge of industry secrets.

Good Content

It isn't enough to have content that is merely appealing to the general public; instead, you must integrate information that is attractive to the members of your target audience. This content should be useful, meaningful and engaging. According to Forbes, good content also means fresh, engaging content. If people visit your website and see the same information every time, they do not really have a motivation to return. You should also vary the content. Marrying blogs, product descriptions, reviews and more into a website makes it compelling. Make sure your customers are inspired.

Attractive Design

Again, you must create a design that is attractive to your target audience members, and that matches with or otherwise enhances the products or services that you are selling. For example, think about trying to read a neon yellow font on a neon green background. In addition to hurting your visitors' eyes, you're probably also obfuscating information from them. While every single page does not need to match, you should have branding efforts that are woven into the design of your website as a whole.

High-Quality Pictures

People do not just want to read about what you have to offer. While providing information on the background of the company and details about your products and services is essential, so is actually showing people what you mean. In order to do so, you must integrate photos. Many people best absorb information visually, and you need to reach out to these individuals. Snapping some pictures with your cell phone camera only to haphazardly them on the site is not going to work. If you have the money in the budget to do so, consider having professional photos taken. You can incorporate videos as well. It's possible that the colors of products are going to vary due to screen differences, so you must relay this information to your visitors.

Navigation Bars

When visitors come to your website, they may know exactly what it is that they are looking for. Therefore, you want to ensure that they can easily find it using the navigation bar. If they have to spend a great deal of time searching around, they may then just leave. Other visitors are coming to your website looking to explore without a clear direction. As Stray Digital points out, mega navigation exposes users to other categories they may not have even been aware of and, in doing so, plant the seed for additional purchases. Having a navigation bar can help to point them in the right direction and to let them know what the options are. You also need to make it obvious where exactly the navigation bar is.

Fast Load Time

Visitors should be able to navigate through the pages of your website quickly due to the navigation bar but also because of the quick load time. If you think back to a couple of decades ago, you might remember sitting in front of the computer screen for what felt like forever as you waited for your favorite website to load. No one wants to do that anymore, especially because sites are definitely capable of moving much more quickly. Whether it's some sort of buggy tool or too many advertisements that are causing your site to load too slowly, taking care of this issue right away is pivotal so that you don't lose out on potential customers.

Mobile Optimization

According to Huffington Post, mobile optimization is absolutely necessary. Consider how often you use your own cell phone to look up information on the internet and how frequently you see other people take this same action. Now, imagine the annoyance of trying to scroll through a website that is not optimized for use on mobile devices, where you can't view the entire page. Some of the features might not work either. To keep visitors on your website, you should definitely optimize it for mobile devices. This step is particularly crucial if the members of your target audience tend to assess information online through their cell phones. To make your website even friendlier for people who use mobile devices, you should consider developing an app for your company. Users can get the benefits of the site with just a quick click on their phone screens.

Getting visitors to stay on your website is a necessity. If people are just quickly clicking away, you are then not making a sale. Employing these strategies can help you to see traffic that stays around for longer.

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