A Small Business' Guide to Internet Speeds

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If you run a small business, then your internet connection is probably the lifeblood of your operations. In today's world, with the internet of things taking over, customers and employees alike expect you to be able to research and communicate online quickly. That is why it is crucial that you understand the importance of internet speeds and roadblocks that could tie up your business' resources:


Video streaming is one of the most bandwidth intensive activities that a business can have. It is likely that many of your employees and yourself are using videos on a daily basis. It might be for entertainment, it might be for training, or even for researching the competition. However, simply limiting video access is not the answer as that can cause you to miss out on key opportunities. Find ways to increase your speeds with your provider so you can leverage videos to the fullest capacity.

Large Applications for Design and Programming

Your sales team might need a phone, a stripped-down CRM, and a car or other way to reach customers and do sales calls. However, tech and design personnel need heavy duty applications almost all day to do their work. This ranges from product design to image editing, to managing your cloud operations from a desktop. These all eat up major bandwidth and are something you need to watch closely.

Communication Apps

It is rare today that a business doesn't have some kind of communication software they are using. From Slack to WhatsApp, to other apps that let you keep in touch with your team from anywhere, these apps hog a lot of data on your line. If everyone in the office is using them, it can slow down your customer service department's ability to talk with customers and see their communications in real time.

Importance of Speed

The apps and systems above use a lot of bandwidth. This is why it is so crucial that you can handle all of them without a hitch. If you don't, you could miss out on key chances to grow your brand by leveraging the most powerful digital innovation in years: real-time web access across business departments.

Internet speed is no joke in the business world of today. Without great speeds, you are not at an advantage over the competition. Being able to look up key market research, respond to customers, and talk to your team in real time is essential to getting ahead. So review the internet speed tips above and implement them to save yourself time and be on the cutting edge in your industry.



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