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I'm sure you missed me, lol, don't worry i didn't forget about ya'll, I would never do that.
Well I'm back with another exciting episode of Business Spotlight and I've got an exclusive with an amazing woman who creates revolutionary pieces for the young, trendy and socially active professional. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you, Chenoa Bradshaw. Founder of Luvrokz gemstones. I know you'll love this post so I wont bore you anymore with my talkativeness.
  • What  is your brand name?
Luvrokz Gemstones

  • How long has your business been in existence?
Two years 

  • What was the inspiration behind starting your business?
Each year I pray for a theme and the theme for 2015 was love. Early that year I was given a stack of bracelets from my mum but the thread broke. Whilst sourcing repair supplies some beads caught my eye so I ended up making more. Friends and family asked for me to make them some after seeing mine. I became quite ill and stopped working so making bracelets became a cathartic process. The name came from the year's theme and the business from the organic circumstance.
  • Why did you decide to do what your business does?
The business was an organic venture and has been in the way it has grown. The nature of the business was something that found me rather than being a predetermined decision. That said, Luvrokz has expanded to include jewellery beyond gemstones. The decision to include hand painted wooden pieces; carefully selected fashion pieces and sliver came from feeling like the market we currently access doesn't entirely identify with semi precious gemstones in the way we present them. Luvrokz Gemstones are stand alone or stacked smart-casual pieces. I find that people wear wooden beaded jewellery in the same way but have yet to make semi precious gemstones cross over pieces for their everyday wardrobe.

  • Briefly describe your business (what is your niche?)
Luvrokz Gemstones is a mid range small jewellery business which aims to reach the young, trendy and socially active professional. We have core pieces as well as a bespoke service.
  • What is the main goal of your business?
Luvrokz is a business that aims to inspire positivity and love. We are currently looking for a charity to partner with whether giving gifts at a particular point in the year or giving a percentile of profit. We appreicate that as much as we 'love rocks', love rocks and has to be demonstrated.
  • Why did you sign up to Ebony Street Market?
I signed up to ebony street market because I identified with the brand. It's an exciting prospect to come together with other black owned businesses and have a direct route to market, even more inspiring is that it is run by women.

  • What advice would you give other people who want to start a business in your field?
Plan, get around like minded people; identify your values; avail yourself to learning about the business; be prepared to invest in yourself; trust yourself and go for it.
  • Where do you see your business in 5 years?
The brand will be established as one of affordable quality. I see concessions and boutiques in Luvorkz' future. 

  • How would you describe your business experience so far?
Some days easy and some day, hard graft. It's been a learning experience that has required flexibility, resilience and thinking outside of the box. The successes have been well earned and appreciated.
I really hope you enjoyed the read and you'll agree with me that these pieces are amazing! head on to Ebony Street Market if you'd love to cop one of these pieces. I'd also really like it if you stick with me a while longer as i have more exciting stuff coming your way. till next time lovelies!

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