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Marcellus Hunter is the president of Purple4s a company with the mission to progressively revolutionize reliable solutions that help us continue to stay competitive in today's world. there's a new product in the market for you called DryTop. It is the world's first liquid and debris resistant laptop sleeve for MacBooks. The protective sleeve protects the keyboard, trackpad, and I/O ports.
Now there'll be no need to worry about spilling your coffee while well you know i won't let you miss out on something this important, i mean... this is some serious saving grace.. this is your new 'KNIGHT IN SHINNING ARMOUR' (for your PC that is.... hahaha...)
Check out drytop_by_purple4s on Instagram and place your orders ASAP. 
Oh and lest I forget, drytop by purple 4s is coming to Ebony Street Market soon!!! Whoop Whoop!!!! keep your fingers crossed y'all! 
Thank me later y'all.
Lots of love!!!!

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