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Hey there! Welcome to a this awesome episode of business spotlight.
In this episode we're privileged to have the founder "Born to win global community interest company"
We're super excited to introduce you to Tricia Trotman- maraj. She is an amazing black woman,International Speaker, Management Consultant, and Advocate Raising Awareness to Violence Against Women and Children. A firm believer in the equality and empowerment of the black race.
She'll be dishing out loads of inspiration and letting us in on her business (what it's about and why she does what she does). i'm very positive that you'll enjoy this read, so get on with it and get inspired!!!
  • What is the name of your company? 
The name of our company is ' Born to Win Global Community Interest Company'
  • How long has your business been in existence?
I have been doing this type of work for many years but we officially registered our business in the UK in 2017
  • What was the inspiration behind starting your business?
It has always been my dream to be a business owner but I also love empowering people and seeing them realize their dreams. As an advocate for bottom-up approaches to empower communities and my experience as a teacher for more than 23 years I believed that it was time to officially take on the role in a more structured way under my own brand. As a newcomer to the UK, I saw many opportunities to do what I loved best but most of all I was able to meet like minded individuals with international experience who also shared my passion. This is how I met my business partner Sahr Yillia who by his very existence and accomplishments especially as a visually impaired person and survivor of two wars ( Sierra Leone and Liberia) continues to inspire me to do even better with the tools that I have since he refuses to let any obstacle prevent him from the achievement of his goals. 
  • Why did you decide to embark on this journey? 
I decided to do what my business does because, I believe that the first duty of mankind is to help his fellow men but especially the most vulnerable in our society. When you empower people you not only change their lives but generations that come after them.
  • Briefly describe your business.
Our business is primarily a management consultancy. We offer free service to entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own businesses but who may be limited by lack of knowledge despite the fact that they have good ideas. We show them how. We also manage projects that alleviate extreme poverty particularly so in rural parts of Africa to empower men and women, disabled toward improving life for themselves and their families for the collective growth of communities and by extension nations.This includes various products from fine art, hand made jewelry, clothing, to agricultural produce.
  • Why did you sign up on Ebony Street Market?
I was introduced to Ebony Street Market by a lovely young lady who happens to be a former student of mine when I taught in Trinidad & Tobago. I was excited by the concept of such a forum whereby products and services produced by the black community could be showcased. I believe that such is needed especially in a time where large corporations bombard us with advertising and products aimed at enriching a small handful of people who are considered the 'majority' whilst negating the entrepreneurial efforts of the so called ' minority'. I believe in equality and immediately came on board with Ebony Street Market when presented with the opportunity.
  • What is your advice to anyone who wants to start a business?
My advice to anyone out there who wants to start a business is, just start. Believe in yourself and make that first step forward toward owning your own business. Many people may try to deter you but I urge you to keep your focus on your goal, believe fervently that you were placed here on the earth for a purpose, and execute that purpose because you were not born to lose you were Born to Win!
  • Where do you see your business in five(5) years?
I have a vision for my business that in 5 years we'll be operating in many nations around the world as our efforts expand exponentially empowering millions of people.
  • How would you describe your experience so far?
My experience in my business so far has  been challenging but in a good way as challenges encourage growth."
- Tricia Trotman-Maraj
Founder & Director "Born to win global"
I was definitely inspired by that and I hope you were too. Stick with this page for more interesting articles and inspiring interviews.  Also, you can click the link below to shop items by "Born to win global"

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