How to Build the SEO of Your Business

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Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of driving more people to your website. Using search engine optimization will help your business grow at each step of the sales funnel regardless of the size of your organization or the type of business that you are in. Thinking through moments along the buyer's path, called “micro-moments” by Google, will help guide your SEO efforts.

“I Want to Know” Moments

During these moments, the buyer is looking to find out more information. It is the most significant part of the sales funnel because some people will decide that the product is not for them after doing some cursory investigation. Mobile dominates this moment, so make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website. It is also important to get listed on the first page of search engine result pages during this moment. Therefore, choosing the right keywords where you can dominate is vital. Many businesses misstep at this point and try a technique called “keyword stuffing.” Nashville Marketing Systems explains, “keyword stuffing results in spammy-sounding content that quickly turns off the reader. Plus, it’s unethical and it doesn’t do anything to boost your rankings.” Think outside the box, however, with other ways to be found on Google's first page like Google My Business, news feeds, videos, image searches, and Twitter feeds.

“I Want to Go” Moments

According to a study conducted by Uberall, over 69 percent of people have used their mobile device to help them find a good or service that they are looking to buy. Capturing customers at this point often involves using keywords like your product near me, and your product with your city name as the study shows that over 90 percent of consumers have entered these words into search engines when looking to make a purchase. Another huge key is to get listed in Google's local pack. While Google chooses who gets listed, having great reviews, using the right words to describe your business and having pay-per-click advertising seem to be key.

“I Want to Do” Moments

Searchers at this step are doing something with your product or are planning to do so in the near future. Paper instruction manuals are a thing of the past for many people. Instead, they are watching videos and looking online for how to complete projects. Your keywords here should be focused on how to get your customers to use your products.

“I Want to Buy” Moments

This is the big moment where a lead is going to become a valued customer. If the person has been searching for a product, then it may be vital to win this moment with Google Ads or with Google's shopping carousel. On the other hand, if customers have been searching for your business, then making sure that your address, hours and business name are consistent across the internet can be vital. Regardless, it is crucial that you have good reviews at this moment left by real customers. Therefore, the key to winning this moment is to make it easy for customers to leave great reviews after you have provided them with a quality product, at a reasonable price, and with outstanding customer service.

When you use SEO to win at each of these moments, then your company will thrive. Keywords are vital to driving customers to your site at each step on the path. Choose the right ones and use them better than your competition and you will see your business grow.

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