How to Make Profit by Selling Essential Oils

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People buy essential oils because they can be used in crafts, to make one’s house smell nice, or even alleviate common complaints. The bottom line is, the essential oils industry is booming. If you’re interested in selling essential oils, here’s how to get started on the right foot.

Become a distributor

First you will need a wholesaler distributor account so you can get commissions from selling the product. One of the most popular essential oil wholesalers you can source from is doTERRA.

Create a strategy

Identify a niche to focus on, then create a plan of action. This strategy should include writing down realistic goals for yourself, which will help in benchmarking your progress.

Blog about oils

Most people go online to read and gather information about a product. Create an eye-catching website where you can post videos, photos, apps, etc. Go a step further and add a blog. Blogs are trendy. Initially, they started as personal diaries, but now they’ve become powerful online marketing tools.  If you’ve never built a website before, don’t worry! Tools like Wordpress and Squarespace will help you at each step of the way.

You can promote your site/blog (and your products) with social media ads on platforms like Facebook,Instagram, and Pinterest.

Use your oils

Using your oil will help you learn about them from personal experience. There is always something new to learn about the oils. Any new discoveries will give you a unique advantage. Furthermore, your testimony is going to attract and increase sales.

Seek to teach

Teach classes about essential oils and its advantages. At first, your classes can be made up of friends and family members. Be creative, teach the community at the local recreation center or library. You may not garner income directly through teaching classes, but you can funnel interest to your products.

Add another product line

Always spice up your product line with new offers. New offers create excitement and add a new stream of revenues. For example, if you are dealing with essential oil singles, you could add an essential oil blend product or choose a dietary essential oil product to complement your selection.

Seek referrals

Just like any other business, referrals from your friends and family will come in handy to expand your customer base. You can offer product incentives to attract more referrals. However, you can reduce your customer acquisition costs by making sure your clients are happy. Free references from loyal, satisfied customers will keep you in business.


The essential oil market will continue to expand; going by the Google searches, the interest in essential oil has grown tremendously. Essential oil keyword searches ramped up in 2012 and have continued to grow ever since. This means you’ll have to face stiff competition, but by getting a solid start, you’ll be able to profit.

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