Natural Beauty Products Ideal for Women of Color

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Women of Color have beautiful, gorgeous skin that is deserving of luxurious products to promote a fresh, clear countenance. Aside from eating nutritious food and exercising, here are some other natural tips for women of color to experience healthy, glowing skin.


Use Sunscreen

It is true that women of color have a substantial amount of melanin within the skin. It does make the skin more resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun, but the skin is still not wholly immune to the damage that the sun could cause. To include sun defense effortlessly, products like Shersam Naturals Moisturizer integrate moisturizing abilities with sun damage protection, with the addition of Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 in a non-greasy formula. When looking for a good sunscreen, it's essential to find ranges thirty to fifty SPF in a non-comedogenic formula that feels light and never heavy. These are great when used as primers before foundation.


Use Natural Moisturizers

Women of color have skin that is thicker and stronger, with a high amount of cellular layers. Moisturizing shouldn't just be done during winter seasons, but it should be done every day. Natural moisturizers, like Era Organics Natural Moisturizer or Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer, are gentle and efficient enough to be used daily. It's best to avoid fragrance-free formulations, as they can be irritating. Natural moisturizer utilizes nature within their ingredients. Such superfoods for the face include honey, olive oil, shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil. These kinds of moisturizers help improve the elasticity of the skin while also stimulating scene growth.


Use Hydrating Hair Oils and Hair Relaxers

Women of color may experience dryness in their skin or hair. While many great products are available in the market for such needs, natural products can also be found and developed at home. Coconut cream, olive oil, body butter and honey can naturally relax the hair by softening the hair shaft while moisturizing it at the same time. Depending on the consistency, these solutions can be used as a paste or with the use of a spray bottle. Wrapping the hair after applying the solution and then washing it off after thirty minutes to an hour can produce luxuriously soft results. Chemical relaxers, of course, work faster and more efficiently but they can be quite damaging to the hair. These natural hair relaxers will help hair feel strong, healthy and curl-free, primarily when used regularly. JoocyDoo has a wide selection of relaxers that will perfectly suit your needs.


Ultimately, women of color deserve the best when it comes to skin and hair products. Moisturizing helps keep dry skin at bay, while sunscreen keeps sun damage away from one's beautiful skin. Finding hydrating hair oils and hair relaxers help grow natural hair that is healthy and nutrient-infused.

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