What You Need To Know Before Going To A Trade Expo

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Planning a successful trade show event takes extraordinary attention to detail partnered with a heavy dose of creativity and thinking outside the box. Here are four tips to follow to ensure that you pull off your booth and create an engaging experience for expo attendees:

Give Extra Care to Packing and Shipping Needs

The logistics of packing and shipping a trade show booth to the expo floor can be overwhelming. Take special care to ensure that your booth contents are wrapped and labeled in a way that makes practical sense. Depending on your expo needs you may need heavy trucking, so it is essential to set up shipping well before the day of the event.

Create a Supply Kit

There are dozens of things you will need for your show that you will not have anticipated needing. For this reason, it is recommended to put together a supply kit to keep with you at your booth at all times. Items to pack in this kit include basic office supplies, tools, a first aid kit, hand lotion, breath mints, and more. This kit should not be packed with your booth because you might need it long before the entire contents are unpacked. Savvy event planners ship their kits directly to their hotel room so that it is immediately accessible.

Create an Experience

With multiple booths to visit and limited time to do so, trade show attendees will pick the vendors that look most interesting. It is up to you to create an experience in your booth that will draw visitors in and engage them. By making your company's booth interactive and engaging, you will ensure that no attendees will pass up the chance to visit.

Measure ROI

Once you have done all the work to create and set up your trade show booth, it is vital that you have a system in place to measure the ROI on your efforts. Whether that be the number of new potential customers in your database or amount of product sold, be sure to create a system to measure your success so that you can continue to improve and hit objectives.

The last thing to do is to make your list and then check it twice. And then check it again. With the proper amount of preparedness, you can guarantee that your booth space will be one of the most popular areas of the expo floor.

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