Coco Curl styling aid

Coco Curl styling aid

Almocado Naturals

  • £10.99

The perfect styling aid for multi-textured hair, Almocado Coco Curl wraps each strand in a nourishing blanket of organic ingredients for soft, protected and moisturised hair.
Hand blended and specially formulated to deliver the right balance of moisture, protein, nutrients and LOVE

How To Use:

  • Moisturising: After shampooing/conditioning, dispense product into your palms and distribute throughout your hair from roots to ends.
  • Twirling: Apply as above, then scrunch to create curls, or twirl strands between your fingers to create curls. Allow to air dry.
  • Twisting Apply to damp hair before braiding, cornrowing or twisting. Hair can be premoistened with one of our spritzes.
  • For a deep conditioning treatment apply required amount to clean wet hair, cover with a cap or warm towel. Apply heat if desired. Rinse out.
  • Steaming Apply as for deep conditioning but do not cover while applying steam 

Works well with:
Moisture Mist Spritz, Curl Cocktail Spritz (use spritz to moisten hair before application) and Almocado Hair Oils. or Seal & Protect (use oil/butter after application)

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